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Siavash Ghomayshi Tekrar - W/ Farsi And Literal English Lyrics

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Published by Admin in Persian Clips


I love this song, so I decided to translate it. This version is, more or less, the literal translation. There is another video with a slightly less literal translation that I will post soon; it's less literal rather than a more poetic translation because its just not done well enough to be considered a poetic translation. Also, my ability to write Farsi is mediocre at best (Left Iran after 5th grade), so apologize if there are any spelling errors in the Farsi lyrics. I do not own any rights to the music video or the music. This is the sole property of Avang Music. This is just a fan sub to allow more people to enjoy the song. Translation both literal and less literal (less literal is in parentheses): Hey "wind-up" doll (Oh wind-up toy) It became morning so that you'd wake up (Its morning so wake up) Just like your entire life (Just as the rest of your life) Be repeated and repeated (You will be repeated over and over again) It's morning but it's as if it not (The morning isn't the morning for you) You're drowning in dill (You're drowning in your mistakes) Between your day and night (Between day and night) It's like there is no difference (There is no difference for you) Your days are like your nights (Your days and nights are but the same) Your days are all repeats (Your days are all repeats) Your sick of everyone *literal expression: your satiated by the hands of others* (You're tired of people) Weary of yourself (You're sick of yourself) Flight is dead for you (There is...

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