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  • 01:15 Popular MTS Internet Baby

    MTS Internet Baby

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  • 00:57 Popular Invisible Beam Gag

    Invisible Beam Gag

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    Ouch that hurts! Bumping into an invisible beam may not hurt you but it does bruise your ego when fall for this gag. Watch these people follow along and become very confused as they watch our accomplices scream in pain and fall to the ground. Invisible be

  • 01:20 Popular BEE ATTACK!!!


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    Pedestrians are being interviewed for a television or news station in the park. But then they see the host looking over their shoulder, and a very distracting buzzing sound near them. The fun really starts when they begin to freak out over the invisible b

  • 01:44 Popular Drunk Man Wine Tasting Gag

    Drunk Man Wine Tasting Gag

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    Mall shoppers are asked to watch over a wine tasting stand. An alcoholic man who is desperate for booze keeps trying to sneak more and more samples of wine. He thinks he is being sneaky by disguising himself, except his costumes are silly and obvious. The

  • 01:15 Popular Crazy Lost Asian Tourists Prank

    Crazy Lost Asian Tourists Prank

    by Admin Added 1,577 Views / 1 Likes

    Group of Asian tourists get lost and ask for the directions to the metro or subway station. Aaaaah! It's the other way, in the opposite direction - but there seems to be a language barrier, because they keep on following the people who told them where to

  • 01:26 Popular Dogs Eat Picnic Prank

    Dogs Eat Picnic Prank

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    People in the park are asked to watch over a man's romantic picnic he's set up, complete with a basket, lots of food and even wine. Prank victims turn their backs for one second to give directions, but when they look back the picnic is being destroyed by

  • 01:16 Popular Police Border Patrol Pigeon Prank

    Police Border Patrol Pigeon Prank

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    Little known fact: In Canada, when the police radio doesn't work, we use some very well-trained carrier pigeons to check people's travel documents and papers. A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of th

  • 01:23 Popular Crazy Woman Jealous Of Dog Outfit Prank

    Crazy Woman Jealous Of Dog Outfit Prank

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    Fancy, fashionable woman is jealous of a dog wearing the same outfit as her. This cruella is so furious, in fact, that she exacts her revenge on the stylish puppy by grabbing a nearby paint roller brush - which was being used to paint a nearby fire hydran

  • 01:03 Popular Man On Toilet Prank

    Man On Toilet Prank

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    Floor steamer man is having some trouble with his cleaning machine, which is smoking uncontrollably and looks like it's about to explode. He urgently asks some shoppers to yank the power cord out of the wall. Unfortunately, the whole wall goes with it and

  • 01:10 Popular Old Lady Steals From Charity Prank

    Old Lady Steals From Charity Prank

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    Crazy old lady thief steals all the money from a charity box. Then the thieving granny runs away, making the victims look like they stole the money when they get in trouble with a mall cop. A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs G

  • 01:17 Popular Skunk In Car Prank

    Skunk In Car Prank

    by Admin Added 1,169 Views / 0 Likes | Subscribe! http Drivers stop on the side of the road to help a stranded motorist. When they get back to their own cars, however, they find a sneaky skunk sitting in the front seat, just waiting to spray them with their stink. Horr

  • 01:15 Popular Epic Old Man - Cake Accident

    Epic Old Man - Cake Accident

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    Shoppers are asked by the epic old man to bring a cake over to a birthday party. Everyone stars claps and celebrates as they are about to place the cake down, but perhaps a bit too early - the party is totally totally ruined when the cake falls through a